Video Production Services


I work with a team of extremely skilled camera operators, cinematographers and videographers. We are fluent in every major camera technology including RED and Alexa, but most commonly shoot on the Sony FS7, FS700 & A7Sii in 4K with top end lighting & sound technologies. Whether it's a stylised commercial, simple but beautiful interview setup, event video or even a 360 VR video then we'll make every film production looks (and sound) fantastic.

Broadcast, commercials, music videos, event video and corporate filmmaking.

Our Sony FS7 on a commercial film set


We are very familer with film prodution for a social media audience, creating subtitled films for Facebook (90% of which are watched without sound), short snippets for Instagram & Vine, or specifically tailored campaigns for YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter or Dubsmash. 

Social media film icons

Whether it's onsite daily editing out of the back of an RV (Trek America), or advanced motion graphics & VFX work (EPSON Timeshift), editing is where video production all comes together. I have a phenomanally talented team of people for every post-prodution need, from expertly crafted sound design to pristine colour grading. We use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for most of our work, with specialist applications for certain tasks. 


The film edit of Dragon, from Premiere Pro


My team are a highly creative bunch of filmmakers, we love dreaming up ideas and the greatest pleasure for me is seeing those ideas develop into unique films. I love working with creative brands, evolving concepts and storyboards together to ensure everyone is on the same page in advance of the shoot. 

Creative conception in Film Production